Creamed Honey Bundle

Creamed Honey Bundle

$35.00 USD $48.00 USD

Purchase 3 one-pound globe jars of creamed honey for $35.
We are not shipping creamed honey at this time. This is due to our inability to control temperatures during shipping in the summer months. Once the temperature reaches approx 105F or higher the creamed honey will begin the process of reverting to liquid honey - the sugar crystals move from a solid to a liquid. Shipping will resume once the summer temperatures dictate. Thank you for understanding.

Wondering what creamed honey is?

Creamed honey is raw honey that has undergone a special crystallization process. Naturally occurring, fine crystals are introduced into our raw honey to create its creamy texture. This honey offers the same taste and aroma as wildflower honey, but it is opaque and full-bodied. It has a smooth and spreadable consistency.

This honey is a special treat for yourself or a unique gift.