Beekeeping Services

We are professional and enthusiastic beekeepers who care about keeping the community vibrant. In support of this, we offer the following beekeeping services.


Apiary Installation & Management

Want to own beehives but don’t have the resources to manage the setup and maintenance of a colony? Sandy Bee Mine offers comprehensive beekeeping services to commercial sites, farms, and businesses. We will come out to your property for a consultation, install an apiary, take care of your bees, and harvest your honey, beeswax, etc. for you. All you have to do is provide the land to reap the benefits of this womb to tomb service. Please be in touch with us for personalized estimates on the mentioned services. 


Become a Sandy Bee Mine Apiary

Want to keep a colony on your land without the cost or maintenance of bees? Consider becoming a Sandy Bee Mine apiary site! If you own a property with good local flora and are interested in keeping bees on site, please be in touch with us. Sandy Bee Mine will own, operate, and cover all expenses of the apiary, and your land will benefit from pollinators -- and a few jars of honey as a token of our appreciation, of course!


Free consultations are always offered to new and seasoned beekeepers alike, as it is our goal to support this community. If our fellow beekeepers have a question, please utilize this consultation offer.