Products of the Hive

Sandy Bee Mine’s skincare line is filled with all natural, restorative personal care goods made by hand from products of the hive. Our line is filled with intoxicating scents, exciting colors, and rich textures to nourish your body and mind.  

Commercial cosmetics, not regulated by the FDA, are often loaded with harmful additives. The hidden health risks of personal care products on the market is startling and upsetting. In part, it’s why we started our personal care line. We feel good about using and recommending each and every one of these items. Our products are non-toxic, all natural, and safe. Our recipes stick to ingredients that we fully understand and are beneficial to the skin; we use pure oils and naturally derived extracts, never fragrances or synthetics. We source and vet all raw materials so that we can make everything in house, by hand.