Our Team

David Foti 
Beekeeper, founder, and sales manager of Sandy Bee Mine, Dave retired from corporate America in 2015 in search of greener pastures. He found a slower, more deliberate way of living in Western North Carolina. Dave is a lifelong learner, and after pursuing several hobbies, he found a passion in beekeeping. He started out by giving friends and family tastes of the liquid gold, and soon moved into sales. Dave values customer service most of all, and views his customers as collaborators in Sandy Bee Mine.

Sandy Foti
The namesake of our operation, Sandy is the Queen Bee. She is VP of Operations as well as the team’s number one cheerleader. However, as Sandy is in WITSEC, we can not share a more detailed picture of our namesake at this time. 

Nicole Foti
Marketing manager, product designer, and creator of the Products of the Hive line, Nicole joined the team in excited by the challenge of growing a small business and in search of a creative outlet. She values the pure and natural philosophy behind Sandy Bee Mine the most -- she believes that SBM takes people back to the land and creates joy in customers’ everyday lives. Wellness is her top priority and she started the skin care line in a reaction to commercial cosmetics.

Zeus a.k.a. Moose

Moose is the ever vigilant guardian of the colonies. We have been raided by bears and swine on several occasions in the pre Moose era.  Now a part of the family, Moose is a high energy, non stop, go get'm contributor. Don't be mislead by what appears to be Moose's laid back disposition - he is a natural born killer.