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Honey and Products of the Hive.

Small Batch, Hand Drawn by Artisans.

Raw, Pure and Natural.

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I love this honey! Wild Flower, Sour Wood ( my fave), and Creamed Honey are all fantastic. Locally grown and harvested and made with love. I can't get enough and have some every day on my toast, in my tea, on my cereal, in my breakfast drink! Great and talented beekeepers too. Buy this! You won't be sorry!

Allyson Kossow FelixRiverside, NY

Arrived ahead of schedule. It is fantastic. So much better then anything you can buy in a store!

Diane Longo LaganaHendersonville, NC

So much better taste than store bought! Our son is eating it by the tablespoon, straight from the jar. And, I swear it helps keep you healthier with all the natural properties in it. You won't ever want to go back to the processed kind.

Diane Leach JanelliBurlington, VT


Lured Market and Grill

Lure Market and Grill in Lake Lure, NC is a unique market and grill featuring delicious local and regional food and gifts, local produce in season, and lake necessities. Fresh local cheese, bread and meat, gourmet grab & go, craft beer and wine - and of course, Sandy Bee Mine Honey and Products of the Hive! Sandy Bee Mine Honey Company is WNC local! Stop...

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Honeybees Love Their CBD

Honeybees Love Their CBD

We always enjoy working bees on Franny's Farm. The farm is a special kind of peaceful. The bees thrive here and now we have a little better insight as to why. A recent study shows that hemp, while wind pollinated and providing little to no nectar, does provide a significant pollen source during a dearth, or a period when pollen and nectar can be scarce!...

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What Is Sourwood Honey? Uses, Nutrition And Benefits

What Is Sourwood Honey? Uses, Nutrition And Benefits

What Is Sourwood Honey? Uses, Nutrition And Benefits What I believe is a good summary of Sourwood honey and it's qualities - and why it is more expensive than most other honey, can be found here. NC supports labeling honey as sourwood as long as it is greater than 51% sourwood. Fortunately, most beekeepers I know require a higher concentration of sourwood before labeling it as...

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