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I love this honey! Wild Flower, Sour Wood ( my fave), and Creamed Honey are all fantastic. Locally grown and harvested and made with love. I can't get enough and have some every day on my toast, in my tea, on my cereal, in my breakfast drink! Great and talented beekeepers too. Buy this! You won't be sorry!

Allyson Kossow FelixRiverside, NY

Arrived ahead of schedule. It is fantastic. So much better then anything you can buy in a store!

Diane Longo LaganaHendersonville, NC

So much better taste than store bought! Our son is eating it by the tablespoon, straight from the jar. And, I swear it helps keep you healthier with all the natural properties in it. You won't ever want to go back to the processed kind.

Diane Leach JanelliBurlington, VT


Team identifies inflammation-fighting nanoparticles in honey

Team identifies inflammation-fighting nanoparticles in honey

Sugars make up about 95% of honey, explaining how the substance became synonymous with sweetness and a food staple of bee colonies, which repeatedly digest and regurgitate flower nectar to produce it. But people have also historically used honey as an ointment, hinting at anti-inflammatory properties that researchers are now investigating. Some of that research suggests honey can act on a protein called NLRP3, which triggers beneficial inflammation during...

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Pro Tip from Pitmaster Mitch Storm

Pro Tip from Pitmaster Mitch Storm

Honey brings a "natural" sweetness to chicken and ribs when they are smoked low and slow over seasoned wood. Add honey to your sauce and only sauce the chicken or ribs after they are done smoking. It is important to make sure you do not have the chicken or ribs over direct heat or the sauce will burn! Your goal is to set the sauce!...

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