Honey Tastings and Apiary Tours

Bee Yard Tours and Honey Tastings 
Immerse yourself in the world of bees and honey, where you will celebrate nature’s most industrious creatures and the golden elixir they produce.  

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Tickets can be purchased via the BOOK NOW button located on this page. Event-specific details are included on each individual ticket.

What's Included:

  • Guided tour of the bee yard led by an experienced beekeeper
  • Curated honey tasting session with food pairing
  • Engaging discussions that will deepen your understanding of bees and honey
  • Full bee suit, veil, and gloves for a safe and immersive experience

    Experience the Bee Life:

    Don a beekeeper's suit and dive into the heart of a buzzing bee yard. Guided by a seasoned beekeeper, you'll gain firsthand insights into the fascinating life inside a honeybee colony. During your up-close encounter with these incredible pollinators, you will get to hold frames and inspect hives.

    Sensory Delights:

    Indulge your taste buds in a honey extravaganza! Sample a variety of honeys, each with its unique flavor profile. Hone your honey tasting skills with a sensory analysis, unraveling the nuances of this liquid gold. From floral notes to robust textures, discover the diverse world of honey like never before.

    Culinary Bliss:

    Enjoy a lunch curated to complement the rich flavors of honey. Sip on wine and local beer as you enjoy a gastronomic journey that highlights the perfect marriage of food and nature. Offered at select venues.

    Discover Diverse Experiences:

    Our events are hosted at partner venues across WNC, each with its unique charm. We make it a point to integrate the distinctive specialties of each venue into our events, ensuring you get the full flavor of your visit. Some locations may offer farm tours or hikes, while others showcase the expertise of a sustainability specialist. Please note that certain venues may require the use of an observation hive instead of an apiary. For specific event details, be sure to check the information corresponding to each venue and date, as experiences may vary.



    Q: How do you ensure safety in the apiary?

    A: Safety is our top priority. Full bee suits are provided and must be worn in the apiary. Closed-toe shoes are required, and guests with exposed skin won't be allowed. The bee yard visit is optional, and if skipped, you can still enjoy the sensory tasting, and educational discussions.

    Q: Is this suitable for children?

    A: While children are welcome, the event is designed for adults and children. We defined kids as age 5 to 12. The event includes in-depth discussions about industry and biology; focused tasting sessions; and standing in the bee yard for an extended period. We defer to you to decide whether your child would enjoy this experience. Contact us with any questions – we have kids, we get it!

    Q: Is the event accessible?

    A: Each location varies. Please contact us in advance for venue-specific accessibility information.

    Q: What if bad weather affects the apiary tour?

    A: In case of rain, high winds , or extreme temperatures, we'll modify the event with an indoor bee talk using observation hives. An indoor exhibition hive will replace the apiary tour in the event of rain or high winds.

    Q: What's your cancellation policy?

    A: Guests may receive a full refund or credit if they cancel up to and including 15 days before the event, minus transaction fees.  Within 14 days, guests can receive a credit to a future event in that year. No-shows are charged the full ticket price.

    Q: How can my business become a venue?

    A: Reach out to us, and we'll connect with you!

    Refunds or credits are issued if Sandy Bee Mine or the venue cancels. In case of rescheduling, guests can choose to attend the new date or receive reimbursement. The apiary visit is optional, and skipping it won't affect your day's enjoyment.