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Honey Tastings and Apiary Tour

Honey Tastings and Apiary Tour

Join us for a buzzing day, where you will taste honey like an expert, enjoy a light lunch, and get hands-on in the bee yard.

Honey Tastings and Apiary Tours are a unique, engaging, and fun way to learn about all things bees and honey. During the event, you will:

Conduct a sensory evaluation (aka, learn to taste the deep, subtle flavors) of several honeys with a honey sommelier

Participate in an engaging and eye-opening discussion of honey, bees, and the industry

Enjoy a light charcuterie lunch.

Get suited up in a beekeeper's outfit

Take a guided tour of the apiary with a seasoned beekeeper -- we will open a hive and dive in!

Saturday, June 18 @ TIEC. Tickets are limited! Get your tickets here!